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Peter Kölln GmbH & Co. KGaA

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About us

Peter Kölln GmbH & Co. KGaA is a company with close to 200 years of experience in producing oats. We are a family-owned company focusing on combining a long tradition of oat production with modern and innovative products, i.e. oat flakes, mueslis, traditional cereals and oat specialties.

Products and services

  • Oat Flakes

    Kölln Oat Flakes are made of 100% high quality wholegrain oats.

  • Traditional Mueslis

    Kölln Traditional Mueslis are a blend of wholegrain oat flakes and components like chocolate, nuts and/or fruit – depending on variety. They also contain Kölln Oat Crispies, which give the mueslis a nice crispy touch. All Kölln Traditional Mueslis do not contain any added flavours.

  • Crunchy Muelis (Granola)

    Roasted wholegrain oat flakes are the main ingredient of all Kölln crunchy muesli varieties. The aromatic clusters contain baked oat flakes, making them particularly light. With additional tasty ingredients Kölln offers varieties to attract different tastes.

  • Traditional Cereals

    Kölln Cereals are the healthier alternative to sweet cereals, as they are based on wholegrain oats, leading to their high wholegrain content of up to 72%. Kölln wholegrain oat cereals retain all their important nutrients in their natural balance, thus playing an important role in a wholesome, modern and balanced diet.
Kölln Product Range

Kölln Product Range

Throughout its close to 200 years of company history, Kölln has developed into a specialist for the processing of high quality products made from wholegrain oats.

Kölln White Oats gluten-free

Kölln White Oats gluten-free

For those who are not able to or do not want to eat gluten, our tender White Oats gluten-free with their nutty flavour offer many ways for a more varied and refined diet. To avoid the entry of other grains into the product, we proceed with special care – including the selection of the seeds and the packaging.

- Gluten-free
- 100% wholegrain
- Rich in dietary fibre
- No added salt, no added sugar
- Fine, tender oat flakes ideal for porridge, baking and cooking

Kölln Muesli Bars

Kölln Muesli Bars

Kölln Muesli Bars really deserve their name as all the Kölln muesli-typical ingredients are recognizable at first sight: Oat flakes firm to the bite and Kölln Oat Crispies as well as fruity, nutty or chocolaty ingredients which give the bars their typical, muesli-coloured appearance and their natural taste.

Kölln Muesli Bars
- have a high wholegrain content
- contain less sugar than muesli bars from German competitors
- contain no added flavours
- are free from the allergen soya (Lecithine)


Peter Kölln GmbH & Co. KGaA
Westerstr. 22–24
25336 Elmshorn

Phone: +49 4121 6480

Simone Kasper
Export Director
Phone: +49 4121 6480

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