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Cody's Energy Classic 50 cl, halal

Our popular Cody's Energy Classic now in a 50 cl can! The liquid booster for parties, sports and all situations where you need that extra edge: Cody's Energy Drink will keep you on your feet until dawn, boosts concentration and performance and, on top of it all, is really tasty. The caffeine...

Exhibitor: Cody's Drinks International GmbH


From mums for mums – The new packaging innovation from Humana Humana asked mothers around the world how they would envision the perfect baby formula packaging. The perfect pack needs to be: safe, easy-to-use, well-dosed packaging with an attractive design that protects contents from...

Exhibitor: DMK Baby

Humana Strückhausen

The Humana brand has been famous for high-quality baby foods for more than 65 years now. The new home of the brand will be Strückhausen, Germany where the DMK Group has converted the traditional dairy site into a new state of the art factory for baby food. Production in the new facilities...

Exhibitor: DMK Baby

fiRecipes – The App to Good Food Processing

friedrich ingredients have developed an App disclosing 250+ production recipes for processed meat products, including sausages, burgers, shawarma, doner, gyros and many other food items. Batch quantities can be changed to meet individual requirements. The quantities of all ingredients in each...

Exhibitor: friedrich ingredients gmbh

The new Crunchy Bites - pure snacking pleasure

If we want to snack, it should be of organic quality, crunchy, varied, and simply delicious. Inspired by the love for the mountains, nature, and the long-standing bakery tradition, the product concept for the new Dr. Karg’s Crunchy Bites was born. Just like all the other specialties...

Exhibitor: Dr. Klaus Karg KG

Extra thin Protein thins Pumpkin Seeds – enjoy the concious way

For all those who would like to cut down on carbohydrates in their diet, Dr. Karg’s has a new protein crispbread with an extra portion of protein, lots of grains and seeds, and, of course, intense flavour. Chopped pumpkin seeds and lots of other seeds give the extra thin and extra crunchy...

Exhibitor: Dr. Klaus Karg KG

Kuchenmeister products are awarded with DLG* medals every year

Federation prize for exceptional test results at the DLG quality tests.

Exhibitor: Kuchenmeister GmbH

„Clean label“ – process at Kuchenmeister

using only GMO-free rawmaterials using only HVO-free fat avoiding of preservatives using only natural aroma less as possible additives

Exhibitor: Kuchenmeister GmbH


HALAL certification by GAC and ESMA accredited certification bodies. For our HALAL product certification, Lactoland works with HALAL certification bodies issuing GAC accredited certificates. Our certifiers have achieved the accreditation of both GAC (GCC Accreditation Centre) and ESMA...

Exhibitor: Lactoland Trockenmilchwerk GmbH

PRIOR Glacier Water

In the remote mountains of Norway, at the end of a long fjord, is the glacier- the source of PRIOR. Pure, clean and far from pollution. Water directly from the source of nature - that is PRIOR, to enjoy, refresh and revitalize

Exhibitor: Matador GmbH

SCAVI & RAY Bling Bling Editions

SCAVI & RAY winery products are also aviablie as stunning glitter versions. Get the finest SCAVI & RAY bottles refined as an outstanding glittering BLING BLING edition. The perfect gift or just as an eye-catcher for your business partners and friends. Special offer: Create your customized /...

Exhibitor: MBG Global Brands GmbH


ke.ola Protein Coffees are made with high quality milk protein combined high quality coffee extract, from Arabica coffee beans. Discover the power of 25g Proteins and pure Coffee taste in one can.

Exhibitor: MBI – Master Brands International GmbH

ke.otella Hazenut Spread 350g

ke.otella hazelnut chocolate spread is produced with the highest production standards and made of high quality hazelnuts and cocoa powder. You'll love it – no matter if on crêpes or as dessert, on toast or bread or just pure on a spoon.

Exhibitor: MBI – Master Brands International GmbH


Only those who protect the human and nature today, can still offer tea in the best quality tomorrow. That is why we are committed to the entire value chain of our teas. We are committed to a sustainable approach to nature and equally to the fair treatment of people in the countries of origin of...

Exhibitor: Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG

CAN FILLING EXPERT EXPERT RHODIUS and XOLUTION, manufacturer of XO Resealable Can System, launch partnership.

From now on, RHODIUS, the can filling expert from the Volcanic Eifel region, offers its customers a real innovation: the filling of beverage cans with resealable lids from XOLUTION! In contrast to common beverage cans that once they have been opened are not resealable again, beverage cans with...

Exhibitor: RHODIUS Mineralquellen und Getränke GmbH & Co. KG

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