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effect® new Tastes

The new effect® tastes offer perfect flavour moments, in a great look, to captivate fans and persuade new ones of the same. For even more market impact.

effect® PUSHD- Camouflage meets signal colour-the new can design is just as supercharged as the new effect® taste itself. The first taste on the tongue is sweet yet stimulating, while the aftertaste goes the extra mile to push the experience to a whole new level.

effect® TRULY ZERO- 100% PUSHD taste, 100% zero and 0% compromises.

effect® GRAVITY- effect® GRAVITY has the right pull factor for its target groups. The taste will simply blow your mind and keep you in it's orbit. It's different to anything you've ever tried before!

effect® VOLTAGE- Bright pink meets luminous yellow- the look lives up to what it promises on the inside. The new, electric taste offers the perfect balances of sweetness and acidity, with a tingling on the tongue which then spreads through the entire body- simply electrifying!!

Exhibitor: MBG Global Brands GmbH

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