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Hochland ‒ A Family Business since 1927
Cheese is our passion ‒ and has been for over 90 years. Since its founding in 1927, the production, refinement and distribution of cheese has come first in our family business.

We can provide everything that cheese lovers want: cream cheese, hard and semi-hard cheese, processed cheese, soft cheese, white cheese and feta, cottage cheese and quark with herbs.

In more than 30 countries, delicious products of Hochland are available. Consumers appreciate the high quality and are happy about many product innovations.

Hochland cheese is not only to be found in supermarkets. We are also a strong partner for the food industry and gastronomy which we supply with high quality cheese products, based on concepts especially developed for customers in all desired forms.

Our cheese factories are located in Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Romania, Russia and the USA. Despite all the changes in the past 90 years - one thing has not changed: Hochland is and remains a family business.


Products and services

Hochland Professional – your partner in cheese for individual high quality products under your own brand. With leading expertise and represented in all main cheese segments.

Main cheese segments/products:
Processed Cheese:
SOS (slice on slice), Cheddar white or coloured, Emmental, low salt recipe, pure dairy or vegetable fat recipe

IWS (individually wrapped) Cheese Slices, pure dairy or vegetable fat recipe

Sandwich Slices, for kids with embossed characters/fun motifs e.g. Smileys or Cows

Processed Cheese in Triangles or Tubs

Cheese Sauces in various flavors, e.g. Cheddar or Hot'n spicy

Cream Cheese, made of fresh cow’s milk and cream, in buckets or oval tubs, various weights - GMO-free, free from preservatives and colorants

Selected Natural Cheese in Cubes / Snack packs (double chamber) in various sorts
Selected Natural Cheese Plates with slices in various sorts, various weights

Feta type Cheese
Grill Cheese slices, for grill and pan
Soft Cheese Slices, Brie wheels and triangles

SOS (slice on slice) Cheese Slices

Our premium processed cheese slices made in Germany are mainly used for burgers, toasts, sandwiches and gratins, but are also used in bakeries and for an array of other food applications. Their appetizing appearance, perfect taste and exceptional functionality in cold and warm applications will boost both sales and efficiency in any fast paced restaurant kitchen. Available in Cheddar white or coloured, Emmental, low salt recipe, pure dairy or vegetable fat recipe.

Sandwich Slices with embossed characters/fun motifs, e.g. Smileys or cows

These premium Processed Cheese Slices made in Germany are perfect for both cold and warm preparation and add the perfect creamy cheesiness your appetite desires. They are of a particularly smooth consistency and mild taste without any colorants or preservatives. This ensures just the right taste for Kids - with fun animal or Smiley motifs you can see and feel, each slice becomes an experience.

Cream Cheese in oval tubs or buckets in various weights

Our Cream Cheese is made from fresh milk and cream, unique in taste and of outstanding quality. The particular soft melting and creamy mouthfeeling is one of the key success factors of this product. The plain variety is available also as light version. Perfectly spreadable on bread and your personal kitchen aid for soups-sauces-sandwiches, bakery products, pan-cakes and delicious home made cheese cakes. Spreadable Cream Cheese indulgence – soft and creamy. GMO-free.

Hochland Deutschland GmbH
Kemptener Str. 17
88178 Heimenkirch

Phone: +49 8381 5020
E-mail: info@hochland.com
Internet: www.hochland-group.com

Contact person

Sigrid, Albrecht-Paturzo
Marketing Food Service
E-mail: sigrid.albrecht-paturzo@hochland.com

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