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About us

MBI provides a strong concept of long-established Number One Brands and high-quality products. Innovative and modern business, based on strong business values and passion for our business partners and products are our daily, successful driver.

MBI is inspired by the demands of its estimated customers - people that put emphasis on high quality products, innovative ideas, customised taste and packaging and a trustful business relationship.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Energy Drinks

  • flavoured Milk Drinks 500ml+250ml, long-life

  • Ice Coffee drinks

  • Protein Drinks

  • Fruit Juices

  • Soft Drinks

  • Haselnut Spread

    “MBI. Food is our passion. Connecting the world is our life. Serving our customers is our pleasure. Discover good taste.”

Products and services

Our portfolio includes:

  • Energy Drinks, different flavours and brands.

  • Milk-Drinks, flavoured and pure with a long shelf-life. Available in different flavours and packagings.

  • Ice Coffee drinks Latte Macchiato, Coffee Vanilla, other flavours
  • Protein Coffee and Protein Drinks

  • Different Fruit Juices

  • Soft Drinks

  • New: Haselnut Spread


WHITE TIGER Energy Drink
Classic success-driver and best seller. Enjoy an unique energy drink.
Feel the power of the White Tiger.
Available in the classic cans sizes 250ml + 330ml and also in the glass bottle.

MILK DRINKS, flavoured + pure milk, long-life

Our milk drinks are made of fresh milk, enriched with only the best ingredients. Our milk drinks are produced according to established recipes and production processes.
Our milk drinks are available in 250ml and 500ml glass bottles with twist-off closure. Enjoy our milk variety: flavoured milks: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana, Melon, Dates. Pure milk: 0,1% ,1,5% ,3,5% fat.
Pure or with flavour - every drop pure taste and enjoyment.

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MILK DRINKS and ICE COFFEES in 250 ml cans, long-life

Our flavoured milk drinks are also available in the trendy 250ml can.
Available in the flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry,
Banana, and Melon. Our Ice Coffee Drinks are available in two flavours:
Latte Macchiato Original Ice Coffee Vanilla taste
A pure indulgence that awakens your senses. No matter if at home, at work or on the run - have it your way.

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MBI – Master Brands International GmbH
Am Hang 4b
48341 Altenberge

Phone: +49 211 54057058
E-mail: inof@mbi-brand.de
Internet: www.mbi-brand.de

Contact person

Ulrike Castrup
Managing Director
Phone: +49 211 54057058
E-mail: info@mbi-brand.de

News & Innovations

ke.otella Hazenut Spread 350g

ke.otella hazelnut chocolate spread is produced with the highest production standards and made of high quality hazelnuts and cocoa powder. You'll love it – no matter if on crêpes or as dessert, on toast or bread or just pure on a spoon.


ke.ola Protein Coffees are made with high quality milk protein combined high quality coffee extract, from Arabica coffee beans. Discover the power of 25g Proteins and pure Coffee taste in one can.

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