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Family owned and managed company based in Lebanon. Agents for Huxol sweeteners and Poppenburger Halal frankfurters in the MENA region. We are seeking distributors for MENA & GCC Countries.

Huxol sweeteners, are made in Germany and are available in Lebanon, Yemen, Libya, and soon in Egypt.

Poppenburger German Halal Frankfurters are currently available in Lebanon, Jordan & Iraq.

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The name “Frankfurter” comes from the fact that a popular hot dog-like sausage was originally made in Frankfurt, Germany. The name was brought over to America in the late 19th century from German immigrants who were familiar with the German sausage.
Poppenburger sausages come in many delicious variants and in different flavors including pure Beef, and Poultry mix.


With its proven quality, it sweetens culinary delights without adding calories to the equation. Huxol offers a wide range of sweeteners including natural sweeteners based on Stevia or based on Sucralsoe. Presented in Tablet, liquid and powder form.

Poppenburger Poultry Sausages

Poultry Sausages
10 Pieces
720 G

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Poppenburger Pure Beef

Pure Beef Frankfurters
10 Pieces

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Huxol Sweetners

Huxol is fun and it keeps you in shape!” With this motto Huxol has become the specialist for sweeteners. The product range, designed to suit the needs of its users, offers good value for money, a fact contributing to the large success of this brand in Germany as well as abroad.

Huxol Sweetners come in different forms: Tablets, Liquid and powder.

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