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We´ve come a long way since the great-grandmother of our owner, Bertha Becker, squeezed the very first apples to get our famous apple juice. Over 85 years have passed since then. In more than three generations many things changed, within and around the company. But if you can name one pillar that weathered the storm, it is our core belief: 100% naturalness.

True to our origins, without becoming obsolete, we at beckers bester belief in honest products. As of today, we see ourselves as the Gallic village in a world dominated by scandals and deception. With our – over the years extended – product range one can take a step back and enjoy the naive feeling we all had as a child.

Free from preservatives and artificial colouring, we provide juice so natural you CAN actually believe it. Next to our brand beckers bester we also produce premium private labels at the highest quality level. To put it simply: My beckers bester.

Products and services

Our single variety juices,made of exquisite fruits,represent the top of our premium range. What makes the product so special: every juice is made of only one specific kind of fruit,grown in only one area. The authentic taste of the individual fruit makes every product an enjoyment without comparison.

With 13 different kinds of juices and nectars,from the sun-ripened Valencia Orange grown in Sparta Greek,to the highly aromatic Merlot Grape grown in Southern Italy,this range includes high-quality taste from all over the world. If sweet or fruity-tangy,our single variety juices are always the perfect alcohol-free alternative to wine.

Within our Tetra-Pak Range,we offer 16 different kind of high-quality direct juices and nectars. The Tetra packaging,with its recyclable carton,offers the gentlest filling method and therefor perfectly maintain the high-quality of our products. As we want to offer products that are as natural as possible,all of these juices are vegan,gluten-free and GMO-free.

beckers bester GmbH
Obere Dorfstr. 42
37176 Noerten-Hardenberg

Phone: +49 5503 98580
E-mail: info@beckers-bester.de
Internet: www.beckers-bester.de

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Jonas Weissel

Phone: +49 5503 985830
E-mail: jonas.weissel@beckers-bester.de

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