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Nadi, founded as a food brand 1994 by CEO Mr. Ahmad Fawad Nadi and given his last name on it as a proof of trust towards his customers.

With own retails under the name Nadi Markt 1994 - 2008 in Hamburg and 2003 - 2009 in Kiel, Nadi has not only sold its own products but had a huge selection and also exclusive distribution rights for Europe of a big range of global main food brands.
Following, a wider knowledge of the international aliments market was semiskilled and projected on the selection of what will be the next Nadi artifact.

Presently, Nadi food products are being sold all over Europe.
We are always happy to connect with new possible distributors and would proudly give our products to entities who can work in our standards.
Nadi product range consists of: Rice, Tea, Oils, Herbs and Spices, Sweets, Dry Fruits, Pickled and Canned Foods, Dates, Lentils, Beans and Pulses etc.

Products and services

The Nadi Product Range:

Rice, Tea, Oils, Herbs and Spices, Sweets, Dry Fruits, Pickled and Canned Foods, Lentils, Beans and Pulses, Dates etc..

The Nadi Performance Overview:

Wholesale of Nadi Products, Distribution rights of other food brands and Design and Marketing Strategy for in-house products and other companies.
Nadi Aahu Barah Rice

Since 25 years market leading Basmati Rice, Nadi Aahu Barah is known for its aroma, quality, taste and purity.

A 2 year aged, non mixed pure Sela Rice, with under 1% broken kernels and tripling its kernel length after cooking.

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Nadi Rose Water

Nadi Rose Water, taste and smell the fresh essence of flourishing roses.
An amazing ingredient with full essence for your foods and desserts.
Furthermore, is this food product a very effective and known face or body tonic.

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Nadi Green Tea

Nadi Green Tea, a pure green tea with a light green color which does not turn to brown color too fast.
A refreshing taste with a light vegetable flavor and detoxing and healthy influence to your body.

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Nadi Holding GmbH
Schnackenburgallee 149c
22525 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 2802802
Fax: +49 40 2802806
E-mail: info@nafafood.de
Internet: www.nadiholding.com

Contact person

Sanah Nadi
Sales and Marketing Manager
Phone: +49 152 32777788
E-mail: s.nadi@nafafood.de

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