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At TURM-Sahne, we are specialists in the production and distribution of sterilised coffee cream in glass bottles and we are also the market leader, holding a significant market share in this segment. Our business activities in over 50 countries are coordinated from our headquarters in Oldenburg.

The history of TURM-Sahne GmbH goes back to 1949 when the brothers Alfred and Dr. Engelhard Loesing, along with Walter Gloor, the managing director of a dairy, developed the idea to use glass as a packaging material for milk and cream

We ensure that state-of-the-art technologies are used and that the machines run as energy-efficiently as possible.

Proximity to customers is one of our greatest strengths. Other factors of particular importance to us are the high level of quality, the trust our customers place in the company and the goods we produce. Our commitment to these factors is demonstrated by our slogan “Top-quality cream”.

Products and services

  • Coffee cream and milk in glass bottles

  • Evaporated milk in glass bottles

  • Milk mix drinks in glass bottles

  • Coffee drinks in glass bottles

  • Evaporated milk and coffee cream in Combibloc/plastic cups

  • Evaporated milk and coffee cream in portion packs

  • Ready to spray cream in aerosol cans

  • Coffee whitener in PET-jars

  • Private label
TURM Cocoa-Drink

For everyone who enjoys a fresh, chocolaty taste. With the distinctive flavour of the whole cocoa bean and a subtle, creamy milk taste, this TURM cocoa drink is a treat for young and old alike. It’s refreshing and tasty at any time of day. In our 500 ml bottle.

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TURM Ready to spray cream 30 % fat 250 ml

With 30 % fat in the dairy portion and a natural vanilla flavour. Add the finishing touch to your ice-cream with a lovely dollop of fine cream.

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TURM coffee cream 10 % 250 g

For genuine, sheer enjoyment. Pure cream with a fat content of 10 %. A genuine milk product with no additives.

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Turm-Sahne GmbH
Westerender Weg 24a
26125 Oldenburg

Phone: +49 441 932980
E-mail: Vertrieb@turm-sahne.de
Internet: www.turm-sahne.de

Contact person

Tobias Klein
Assistant Sales /Marketing
Phone: +49 441 9329829
E-mail: Vertrieb@turm-sahne.de

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