About us

IMPING is an german coffee roaster and manufacturer. Since 1875 our coffee beans are traditionelly handroasted.

We also produce coffee capsules, coffee pads, instant coffee and milk and cacao powder.

We are looking forward to meet you in Dubai.

Products and services

Coffee Beans, Ground Coffee, Coffee Capsules, Coffee Pads, Instant Coffee, Coffee Products (3in1)/(2in1), Sugarsticks.

Imping Kaffee GmbH
Wueppings Weide 2
46395 Bocholt

Phone: +49 2871 289910
Fax: +49 2871 2899155
E-mail: info@imping-kaffee.de
Internet: www.imping-kaffee.de

Contact person

Michael Paessens
Director Sales
Phone: +49 171 7766701
E-mail: paessens@imping-kaffee.de

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