About us


  • Headquarter based in Wittibreut-Ulbering, Bavaria, Germany (incl. own production site)
  • Branch office in Cologne (Marketing & Sales)
  • Nearly 140 employees
  • Founded in 1976, more than 40 years in experience in the organic market
  • Portfolio of approx. 150 products (branded and OEM)
  • Producer and distributor of organic shelf-stable products
  • Competitive edge in shelf management, space-management and assortment optimization

Bio-Zentrale brand promise: Our responsibility creates trust.

For more than 40 years Bio-Zentrale guarantees ecological food in high quality without exception. Enjoy with a pure conscience and live in harmony with nature.
Our sustainability saves natural values.

With safety, responsibility and dedication Bio-Zentrale answers for the values that nature has given us. This gives safety to all our customers.

Products and services

All our food products are certified organic according to EU and German law regulations.
In our product assortment you can find around 150 different type of organic food products. From different types of oil to our assortment of basic and crunchy mueslis followed by various snacks and cocking & backing ingredients we can offer you a big assortment. This is rounded up by our "gluten-free" and "vegan" foods and of course, you will also find the so-called "Super Foods" in our product list.
Moreover, our brand "BioKids" puts the most important persons in our life into focus: our kids!
Here we have all the food your kids need to get big and strong. Of course organic and also we keep them natural.

Bio-Zentrale Naturprodukte GmbH
Holzmuehlenweg 4

84384 Wittibreut – Ulbering

Phone: +49 8574 961064
Fax: +49 8574 961011
E-mail: info.onlineshop@biozentrale.de
Internet: www.biozentrale.de

Contact person

Fabian Kraemer
Export Director Asia & Middle East
Phone: +49 9383 909 3389 / +49 175 558 2234
E-mail: fabian.kraemer@biozentrale.de

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