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The team who brings the brand YAYLA to Europe and beyond has been conscious of these values and the big responsibility that comes with it ever since its establishment in 1979.
Every YAYLA product, is produced according to Turkish traditional tastes based on highest quality standards and naturalness.

Furthermore, every meat product has own “Halal” certificate. Creating hundreds of different products over a period of 40 years is a huge challenge. YAYLA values customer opinion, tailoring and designing its product palette according to customer wishes.

We introduce our new products through advertising and continually impress our customers with a wide variety of delicious new options.The needs and wants of customer is crucial for sales of YAYLA. YAYLA expands its commercial network through professional management, not only in Europe but also in other growing markets worldwide.

Our intercontinental distribution network extends over 26 merchants and their employees in other sales organizations.

Products and services

We have been providing our eco-friendly and hygienic products and services for many years. At each stage of production, high importance is placed on quality more than anything else. Using the latest technology for production, we are proud to present consumers with modern production facilities and reliable and hygienic conditions.


Milk is a symbol of wholesomeness, lightness and delicious taste. This is multiplied in the Yayla world through incomparable flavours in thousands of forms. Product images do not reflect actual size.


We invite you to the try Yayla's "white meat" product series, produced from the highest quality turkey and chicken meat.


We offer you our Halal-certified "red meat" series consisting of veal, mutton and lamb products.


“YAYLA Pastry Products“ series include the pastry products made from the best wheat flour with high nutritional value.

Kashkaval Cheese

For Gourmet Lovers - For everybody who prefers quality and taste.

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