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In 1920, Clemens Rump and Hubert Flerlage laid the foundation stone for the Rump & Flerlage enterprise – a factory for the production of traditional pudding and cream mixes, based in northern Germany.

The founders chose their initial letters to create the trademark RUF, which is also the German word for reputation. Our slogan «best quality at reasonable prices» reflects best the firm´s trademark and product brands. RUF makes no compromises concerning recipes and ingredients, by using only raw materials of the highest quality and working closely together with the suppliers in their procurement.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology and organizational food-safety systems, our internal QA guarantees that all RUF products reach our customers in perfect condition. Our products are continuously improved by our R&D Department.

Together with our customers we work on inventing new products so that you can keep enjoying your pastries and desserts in the company of family and friends.

Products and services

  • Mirror Glaze: glaze covering ready to use, available in three colours; combine 2 or 3 colours for special effects.

  • Fondant Cover: sugar paste to unroll, without palm oil, vanilla flavour, 36 cm.

  • Cake Cream: Topping for pastries, easy to use with a piping bag, raspberry and vanilla flavour.
    Baking ingredients and baking mixes.

  • Lemon and Chocolate Cake BIO: Organic cakes with natural lemon and chocolate flavours.

  • Protein Porridge: Start your day with the full load of proteins and less sugar.

  • Beef Gelatine: The ideal alternative to pork.
Protein Porridge

Start your day with a healthy breakfast loaded in proteins and reduced in sugar. 3 delicious tastes: Double chocolate, caramel-apple pie and strawberry-white chocolate.

Mirror Glaze

Shiny glaze covering ready to use.
Available in three flashy colours: pink, blue and green. Combine or mix the colours to create some special effects. The mirroring effect is astonishing.

Cake Cream

A topping for pastries well known in the US.
It's easy to use with a piping bag: decorate your pastries and cakes or fill some whoopies. Delicious raspberry flavour for the pink version and vanilla flavoured blue.

RUF Lebensmittelwerk KG
Oldenburger Str. 1
49610 Quakenbrueck

Phone: +49 5431 1850
Fax: +49 5431 185111
E-mail: info@ruf.eu
Internet: www.ruf.eu

Contact person

Michael Neretljak
Executive Export Manager
Phone: +49 5431 185161
E-mail: MNeretljak@ruf.eu

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