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About us

Langnese Honey with a wide range of honeys is leader on the German honey market and it is one of the bestselling honeys worldwide.

Our high-quality honey range includes Golden Clear Honey, Black Forest Honey, Acacia Honey, Royal Jelly in Mountain Flower Honey, Manuka in Black Forest Honey, Nordic Treasure - Heather Honey, Ginseng in White
Honey and more.

The honey farms selected by Langnese Honey supply natural honey from Europe, as well as Central and South America, providing a broad range of the world’s best honey products.

Langnese Honey’s quality control begins from the source itself. All the honey farms inspect the honey according to strict criteria before delivering it to Langnese Honey.

All the batches delivered to Langnese Honey in Germany are carefully tested again and only approved after this.

We use the latest scientific findings and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the quality of Langnese Honey satisfies our own high standards.


Hammoorer Weg 25
22941 Bargteheide

Phone:  +49 4532 409198

Contact person:

Katharina Ott
Marketing Manager International
Phone: +49 4532 409198

Products & Services

Whether it’s golden, clear and smooth, golden-creamy and spreadable or in a drip-free dispenser – Langnese offers every variety.

Langnese Golden Clear Honey is Langnese’s traditional honey, sold in our branded 6-sided jar. It’s a must for every breakfast and ideal for many recipes.

Our traditional honey specialities are known around the world for their unique taste combinations. At the top is our popular Black Forest Honey. Black Forest Honey has a typical dark colour. Its woody, tangy fragrance makes this speciality a favourite among true honey lovers.

Our exquisite honey delicacies: Manuka in Black Forest Honey, Royal Jelly, Acacia Honey with a genuine honeycomb, Ginseng in White Honey and Nordic Treasure.

Langnese Golden Clear Honey

Langnese Golden Clear Honey is a pure bee honey collected in selected sunny areas. Long-standing relationships with skilled beekeepers, careful selection and the decades of experience gained by Langnese honey experts combine to create reliable, unbeatably delicious honey. The refined taste and all the nutritious ingredients in our Langnese Golden Clear Honey are retained, thanks to the careful handling of Langnese Honig at our filling plant in Bargteheide near Hamburg.
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Golden Clear Honey 500g

Langnese Black Forest Honey

Langnese Black Forest Honey has a tangy, aromatic and full-bodied taste. It is the strong character of this delicious natural product with its dark colour and viscosity that makes this single-variety honey so popular. Honeydew is exuded by juice-sucking insects. The drops of honeydew, which contain organic acids and enzymes, are then collected by bees on pine trees and deciduous trees and enriched a second time through their own enzymes.
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Black Forest Honey 500g

Langnese Royal Jelly in Mountain Flower Honey

The food of queens: rich in vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. Royal jelly is what makes the queen bee a queen. Fed on royal jelly, she grows into the largest bee, fertile enough to stock an entire hive. She also lives about fifty times longer than ordinary bees.
We combine this special ingredient with our mild and creamy Mountain Flower Honey, which bees collect in sun-kissed mountain landscapes. The result is a premium product with a unique taste that vitalizes body and skin.
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Royal Jelly in Mountain Flower Honey 375g

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