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About us

stick & lembke was founded in 2011 and we have been committed to sustainability in our products and the entire value chain ever since. Through our strong focus on unconventional recipes and packaging as well as sustainability, transparency and quality of our products, we have earned our place over the years.

With our brand we rely exclusively on natural ingredients. We completely renounce the use of flavors, extracts or other additives, regardless of artificial or natural kind. This way we were able to create a whole new sector in the sector of fruit and herbal infusion.

With our concept we convince not only in our own brand but also created a broad private label business for various supermarket chains and drugstores.

As we are specialized in various packaging types and high knowledge in product development, everyone finds what they are looking for. Either in our brand or our wide-ranging production specialties.

Our colorful assortment

Carefully selected ingredients

Production of hand sewn cotton bags

Preparation of the packing process

For everyone the right taste

Check of the print products

Unique recipes

The right flavor for every occasion

The green energy! Our premium japan matcha

Cold Brew without oils or flavors


stick & lembke GmbH
Am Windhukkai 5
20457 Hamburg

Phone:  +49 40 311823890

Contact person:

Frederic Mattfeld
International Key Accoung Manager
Phone: +49 40 311823896

Products & Services

With our focus on natural teas and infusions without flavors and additives, we have broadly positioned our product portfolio.

With currently 42 products in 5 assortment areas, we have the right teas and infusions for every customer of our brand. From classic double chamber tea bags to a noble pyramid bag to our premium line in a hand sewn cotton bag, our assortment has a variety of different options.

This way our exclusive teas can develop in the best possible way and bring their character into the cup.Through our experience in the tea sector without the use of additives, we manage to continuously inspire today's society for healthier and more natural teas and infusions.

The selection of high quality ingredients is mandatory, because these are crucial for the blend of delicious teas without additives.

In private label production, our precise selection and outstanding knowledge of the market enable us to find a suitable product for each customer in line with our company philosophy.

Hand-sewn cotton bags

Our hand sewn cotton bags. In every aspect, an absolute unique selling point. In the organic cotton bags land only the best organic ingredients. In addition to various fruit and herbal blends, this series also includes a high-quality Japan Sencha. Due to the coarse cut chosen for this series, the quality and flavor remains at the highest nivou until infusion.

Fruity-tart, Ginger and Orange peel

Floral-fresh, Lavender and Vrbena

A small selection of the hand-sewn cotton bags.

High quality and coarse cut for best compositions .

Classy Pyramid Bag

In the pyramid bags, also called tea thempel, the ingredients have sufficient space for full development. So the carefully selected ingredients can develop their full potential. With the hand-picked and all-natural ingredients, we have a product range of currently 15 varieties in which there is something for every taste. From herbal and fruit infusions to characteristic Chai, everything is represented.

Broadly positioned with fruit infusion, green tea & matcha or herbal infusion.

Sprightly fresh, 2 Mint and Lemon balm in pyramid bag.

Fine tart and fruity, Ginger and Lemon based on green tea blend.

Something for everyone, a long our most extensive product line.

Private label development and production

Are you looking for a partner for all-natural tea and infusions without the addition of flavors, nevertheless with an outstanding taste?
Through our expertise in the field of all natural infusions, we have a wide range of partners in all areas of tea and infusion production. Whether traditional double chamber bags, pyramid bags, cotton pillows or loose tea, our customers trust our long experience and knowledge. Fast realization and flexibility are our hallmarks in dealing with our customers.

Fruit and herbal blend.

Work in process, sewing the filled cotton cushions.

Inspiration from Japan, the tea plants before shading.

Loose fruit tea in rough cut. Invites to infuse.

Production of matcha, the first steps after picking.

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