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Genuino GmbH

Booth number: S2-H61

About us

Genuino is a leading German producer for plant proteins.

We bring together what belongs together: farmers, producers and customers. This means: proximity to the people, short transport routes, fresh raw materials, better living conditions for our partners.

Trusted supply chains, stable availability and absolute food safety through control. We master every step in our supply chain to ensure the best service for our customers. We make your projects ours!

We think ahead and have solutions for current market trends. Our proteins are true gamechangers and are simply good for people. Our curiosity drives us and we want to get the best out of our raw materials.

Sunflower TVP minced

Sunflower TVP chunks

Almond protein powder

Hemp protein 65 % powder

Sesame protein powder

Sunflower protein powder

Macadamia protein powder

Hazelnut protein powder

Flaxseed flour

Pea protein powder


Genuino GmbH
Mollenbachstr. 29
71229 Leonberg

Phone:  +49 173 6254497

Contact person:

Thomas Reisch
Sales Manager Protein
Phone: +49 173 6254497

Lukas Wunderlich
Sales Manager Oils
Phone: +49 173 6254449

Products & Services

Product portfolio:

  • Sunflower TVP minced & chunks

  • Sunflower protein powder

  • Almond protein powder

  • Almond paste standardized

  • Hemp protein powder 65 %

  • Hemp protein powder 50 %

  • Sesame protein powder

  • Macadamia protein powder

  • Hazelnut protein powder

  • Flaxseed flour

  • Pea protein powder

  • Psyllium products

  • Black cumin seed oil

Sunflower TVP minced & chunks

We only process sunflower seeds from regional cultivation. The seeds are purchased from long-standing partners/cooperatives.

We supply our TVP products to various industries. The largest and fastest growing industry is the meat alternative. But there are also other industries such as healthy food such as bars.
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Almond protein powder

We only process high-quality, blanched almonds.

We supply our various almond proteins to different industries.

1. milk alternative:
We offer a very fine powder that is suitable for all applications such as cream cheese, yoghurts, cheese etc.

2. sports nutrition:
We offer a fine powder that gives any plant-based shake a great taste with full creaminess.

3. Bakery:
The healthy universal flour for every recipe.It can substitute any standard flour.
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Hemp protein powder 65 %

We only process high-quality, peeled hemp hearts.

We supply our various hemp proteins to different industries.

1. fish alternative:
We offer a fine powder that is used in fish alternatives due to the excellent omega fatty acids that characterise such products.

2. sports nutrition:
We offer a neutral, natural hemp protein that has a high protein content of 65%. The powder also contains all the essential amino acids and is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids).
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