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Ehrmann GmbH

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About us

The family dairy Ehrmann is one of the largest milk processing companies in Germany and is also represented internationally with various production plants and sales branches.

The group also includes the Hainichen-Freiberg dairy, Gabler Saliter and Fleischwerke Zimmermann.

Products are sold under the Ehrmann brand in over 70 countries around the world. With over 3200 employees, Ehrmann generated around 1 billion euros turnover in 2022.

In all its national and international activities, Ehrmann is and remains an independent and diversified family business and is known for quality, naturalness and tradition across all production and business areas.


Ehrmann GmbH
A.-Ehrmann-Str. 2
87770 Oberschoenegg

Phone:  +49 8333 301128

Contact person:

Nico Paulheim
Assistant to the Board (Sales-Marketing)
Phone: +49 8333 301128

Products & Services

The Ehrmann dairy plant is located at the Oberschönegg production and administration site in the southern region of Germany.

Almighurt, the first fruit yoghurt with cold-stirred fruit, has been produced and successfully marketed in Oberschönegg since 1964.

However, Ehrmann is not only known for its yogurt products; the Ehrmann range in Oberschönegg also includes quark and dessert specialties as well as drinking products.

Ehrmann is regarded as a first mover in the high protein segment in Germany and has been very successful with its products over the years. Products in the high protein segment are also highly relevant internationally.

Ehrmann Foodie

Our Ehrmann Foodie is a drink that really packs a punch: with 30g of protein, fiber and essential vitamins and minerals, it's a meal in a bottle and contains all the important nutrients your body needs for a balanced diet.

One drink contains between 25% and 100% of the daily reference amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that the human body needs for important functions.
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Ehrmann Foodie Coffee Macchiato Style combines coffee macchiato taste with vitamins and minerals.

Ehrmann Foodie Pistachio Style - the drinkable meal with pistachio flavor and essential nutrients.

Ehrmann Foodie Chocolicious is a delicious drinkable meal with all the nutrients your body needs.

Enjoy a wholesome meal with our Ehrmann Foodie Vanilla.

Ehrmann Foodie Vanilla Blueberry - the drinkable meal with the taste of vanilla and blueberry.

Ehrmann High Protein

Our original Ehrmann High Protein products with 20g protein per cup / bottle, low fat and no added sugar are your training partners, your work colleagues, or simply your treat without remorse for in-between. All High Protein products are lactose and gluten free. Ehrmann High Protein puddings and drinks stay fresh even when not refrigerated. Replenish your protein reserves and start the week full of energy.
Ehrmann High Protein includes drinks, puddings, joguhrts & mousses.
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Lots of protein, lots of power, lots of enjoyment: this high protein drink is particularly tasty.

Get the ultimate protein power! Our high protein drink with intense coffee flavor and 20g protein.

Our High Protein Pistacia Drink is a delicious treat with pistachio flavor.

20g of protein, no added sugar, lactose-free, gluten-free and low-fat - a real taste explosion.

Discover the ultimate indulgence: this pudding will delight you with its delicious banana flavor.

Discover pure indulgence with our delicious caramel pudding!

Our delicious Hazelnut Pudding gives you the power you need for all your projects!

You want the ultimate power? Our High Protein Chocolate Pudding is just the thing for you!

Discover the delicious treat: our high protein vanilla pudding!

Ehrmann products in tetra packs

With Ehrmann Yoginos (Greek-style yoghurt drink) and Robby (fruity yoghurt drink with reduced sugar content, lactose-free and with fiber), we offer some of our products in tetra packs.
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A tasty and fruity Yogurt Drink with a reduced sugar content which is lactose free.

A natural, lightly sweetened Yoginos on-the-go.

Refreshing strawberry-flavoured Yoginos on-the-go.

Vanilla yoghurt drink in a Tetra Pak.

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