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Mestemacher GmbH

Booth number: S2-G50

About us

“MESTEMACHER – the lifestyle bakery” – since 1871

MESTEMACHER is a family bakery group from Gütersloh, Germany that specialises in manufacturing naturally pasteurised breads and baked goods, as well as international bread specialities packaged for self-service purchasing. Due to the unique production process a long shelf life is reached without using any preservatives. Mestemacher is a global market leader for packaged whole grain breads, delivering their products to over 80 countries worldwide.

Sustainability and Environment
Since 2000, Mestemacher has been committed to helping promote gender equality.
Currently Mestemacher is focusing on sustainability and the environment, from improvements concerning social and ecological issues in the supply chain, to packaging and process optimisation.

Organic pioneer, vegan and vegetarian
As a pioneer in the organic food industry, Mestemacher has been promoting the growth of organic farming since 1985 and produces vegan and vegetarian bread specialties.


Mestemacher GmbH
Am Anger 16
33332 Guetersloh

Phone:  +49 5241 87090

Contact person:

Wencke Ogan
Deputy director of export Mestemacher Group
Phone: +49 5241 8709114

Products & Services

Mestemacher presents the following products at the booth:

  • Pure natural 300g

  • Pure natural with carrots 300g

  • Protein bread 250g

  • Protein bread fine 200g

  • Protein bread with walnuts 250g

  • Protein bread with carrots 250g

  • High protein toast buns 260g

  • High protein toastbuns fine 260g

  • High protein carrot toast buns 260g

  • High protein cracker 200g

  • Organic cheese pumpin cracker 200g

  • Organic three grain cracker 200g

  • Organic grainy spelt bread 250g

  • Organic wholemeal rye bread 500g

  • Organic wholemeal rye bread (three grain) 500g

  • Organic sunflower seed bread 500g

  • Wholemeal rye bread 500g

  • Fitness bread 500g

  • Katen bread 500g

  • Natural sourdough rye bread 250g


Mestemacher´s bread revolution „PURE NATURAL“ (our pure varieties) is 100% flour- and yeast-free. What is more that it combines high-quality and selected ingredients. Oilseeds provides essential omega-3 fatty acids.
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Protein Bread

The sliced protein-rich soya bread, which remains fresh for enjoyment for up to six months when kept unopened, tastes moist and is also a real treat when toasted crispy.
Thanks to the reduced carbohydrate content, this bread variant is suitable for all fitness-conscious people.
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Fitness Bread

The fitness bread is the right choice after a strenuous fitness programme. Low in sugar.
With whole rye, oat kernels and wheat germ.

Ideal for a cholesterol conscious diet. Freshly ground in our own mill from whole grains.
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